Monday 11 April 2011

Wembley 1961

AnElephantCant forget all the heartache
And the tears from those long ago days
When our team headed over the border
Overburdened with false hopes and praise

They travelled from all over Scotland
From Inverness Dalkeith and Busby
On hearing the score one wee fella cried
I thought it was next week for the rugby!

Once again we believed we could beat them
Once again it was pearls before swine
Our brave laddies soon rattled in 3 goals
Alas the Sassenach battered in nine

We used to be no’ bad at the fitba’
There was one thing that we learnt too slowly
If you want to compete with the big guys
Then it’s better to play with a goalie

But we are a remarkable nation
We do not react well to oppression
So our stunning response to this setback
Was to beat them three times in succession

Aye we had some great players in those days
The Lawman Slim Jim and St John
But even though it is 50 years later
We remember April 15th 1961

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