Tuesday 24 May 2011

Happy Birthday Bobby 70 Today

The Poet

The wind has blown, the times a-changed
Lay lady lay is long laid to rest
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Still doing what they have always done best

The hard rain that falls is harder now
The rich take just like a woman
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
The price of their wealth is inhuman

The chimes of freedom have been stilled
We learned we are not young forever
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
With the knowledge that they are so clever

They keep on talking of World War III
They keep that old stone rolling
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Content with their bank accounts swollen

I wish that for just one time they could stand inside our shoes
But we are mere pawns in the game
The Masters of War lie fat in their beds
Was all the poet’s love in vain?

Happy birthday, Bobby, and thanks for all the words

Sunday 22 May 2011

public transport

AnElephantCant go on a choo-choo
Apparently that’s just not allowed
We think that you’ll find
His considerable behind
Makes him stand out a bit from the crowd

In Wales they don’t even let horses
Ride on their trains because as they say
If you’ve got four feet
You can run down the street
On public transport you get in the way

So dogs are allowed if on leashes
Or anything you can put in a box
So squirrels or mice
Bed bugs or head lice
And they’re fine with my friend Phil the Fox

It does seem a bit arbitrary
To carry commuters or football supporters
But we don’t take the hump
We’re a big heffelump
It’s not like we’re wee lambs to the slaughter

Friday 20 May 2011

Animal smuggling

AnElephantCant condone animal smuggling
He thinks this an enormous disgrace
A chap from Thailand
Clearly not a nice man
Had a pile of wee tots in his case

He had leopard cubs, panthers and monkeys
In his luggage and even a bear
This just is not funny
There is not enough money
To justify this lack of care

So what do we do to prevent this?
What punishment do you think is due?
We don’t do persecution
But a fair substitution
Might be twenty five years in a zoo!

Thursday 12 May 2011

Seve Ballesteros

AnElephantCant use the word hero
He knows such a burden is heavy
Over his many years
He has shed very few tears
But he bows his great head for our Seve

This man was much more than a golfer
AnElephantCant hide his admiration
He played with a smile
With flair and great style
His whole life was joyful inspiration

Gracias, amigo, vaya con dios

Tuesday 10 May 2011


AnElephantCant understand duckies
Though he thinks they’re remarkable birds
A cute lady duck
With aplomb and with pluck
Shakes her tail and says much more than words

Where there is a pair there is always a third duck
Who is starting to look and to wonder
He thinks she looks neat
With her little webbed feet
He has more on his mind than a gander

So the hubby gets always irater
He will flap and he’ll squawk and he’ll frown
But she’s the real boss
She does not lack sauce
It’s enough to get an eider down

But this menage a trois is going nowhere
She knows her partner is still a good guy
It’s not really on
To have a quick swan
Wow that would cause the feathers to fly!