Thursday, 27 January 2011

don't drink and drive Montana style

Safety Thirst

AnElephantCant stop himself laughing
At this news from Montana of course
If you’ve been for a beer
And your vision’s unclear
Leave your wheels and go home on your horse

The Department of Transportation
Made a video to keep folks out of trouble
If you go to the bar
Don’t drive there in your car
Take your horse and relax with a double

Now it was not supposed to be literal
The nag was just shown as a metaphor
But this mountainous race
Took the advice at face
The analogy they didn’t get for sure

No surprise there’s a city called Glasgow
At the heart of this faraway land
A new breed of Weegie
Who crawl onto their gee-gee
And trot home when they’re too drunk to stand

AnElephantCant help thinking of worse things
You could do when you’ve polished your dram off
When it’s time to go
Don’t walk home in the snow
Hitch a ride on a big woolly mammoth


  1. An elephant can't see any comments
    And really that's just not right
    There's fabulous drawings
    And rhythm galore
    Here on your colourful site

    A dram you say! that sounds a good one
    I'm talking about an idea
    But my thirst is quite strong
    My first instinct was wrong
    I've decided to have a cold beer

    Bigrab aged 51 and (likes) a half

  2. Now our stateside cousins are known to be silly
    Be it in Montana or New York or Phillie
    But they have surpassed themselves with this latest craze
    Which brings a whole new meaning to the phrase
    About going home from the pub with a filly