Tuesday 11 January 2011

Trunk Calls

AnElephantCant rely on his email
His laptop or broadband go down
So he is making a plan
As an Elephant can
He is no technological clown

There’s an old fashioned method called writing
It’s much easier to learn than you think
The Chinese used feathers
To mark down their letters
But he can use pencils or ink

He just pops his mail into a post-box
And it will get where it’s going next day
So no need to worry
Is he in such hurry
Has he got anything real urgent to say?

In an emergency he can use the telephone
It saves someone deciphering his scrawl
Wherever they are
No matter how near or far
An Elephant can employ a trunk call

So let’s remember alternative methods
Of telling our friends how our daily life goes
We can always write
Or phone them at night
So much safer than those broken Windows


  1. Well I suppose that's OK for you elephants
    With memories as long as the night
    But what about us poor goldfish
    Who can't remember how to phone or to write?

  2. elephants are so lucky with their brilliant memories they can remember everything! they probably always do everything right!

  3. With elephants I have heard it inferred
    Their strength of hearing is absurd
    With those African ears
    He should have no fears
    That an elephant should be seen and not herd