Saturday, 16 July 2011

Tour de France

AnElephantCant cycle quickly for three weeks
He is not aerodynamically designed
But on this year's Tour
There's one thing for sure
He's determined not to be left behind

There have been crashes galore in the first week
Some chaps got knocked down by a car
From French Television
We react with derision
AnElephant is too big by far

AnElephantCant be the best ‘grimpeur’*
He is just a bit heavy to climb
But going downhill
(an incredible thrill)
He can make up a mountain of time

He is dedicated to helping his team mates
A water carrier - in French 'domestique'
They give him three cheers
When he spreads out his ears
Giving shelter from the rain and the heat

AnElephantCant cycle up mountains
But as a sprinter he’s out on his own
He’s got sensational thighs
So in spite of his size
His aim is Paris in the Maillot Jaune

*grimpeur = climber

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