Friday, 22 July 2011

The Chairman

AnElephantCant run a global media empire
He is too unambitious by miles
He can doodle and rhyme
He can noisily mime
And occasionally maybe raise a few smiles

This is not a great big corporation
Getting up to some dubious tricks
Believe if you will
That it's just me and Phil
And the chairman who just last month turned six!

Our chairman isn't what you call hands-on
He prefers to hunt dragons in the park
But he doesn't fret
That we'll corrupt the Met
He trusts AnElephant not to be like a shark

AnElephantCant get involved in controversy
About newspapers politicians and cops
We have to confess
It is anyone's guess
Where this corruption is going to stop

We have our own very clear set of ethics
We don't mock human frailty like some
We don't hack we don't harass
We could never embarass
The chairman or the chairman's dear mum

Now perhaps when he grows up to be eighty
He will have more interest in what is going on
Incompetent unaware
Guilty but don't care
Who do you think is running their business wrong?

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