Thursday 9 June 2011

FIFA fo fum

AnElephantCant figure what’s happening
With all these strange goings-on at FIFA
They’re now sending for Kissinger
No don’t shoot the messenger
But we think they’d be better with Keifer

Jack Bauer would sort this out in no time
He’d soon rid us of President Blatter
We’ll say this about Sepp
He was never in debt
As his fat cats just sat and got fatter

It seems that there has been corruption
It is now splashed all over the press
A bung here and there
Are we being unfair
Or is it one gigantic unholy mess?

What this pachyderm finds so amusing
Is the source of this moral high roller
Not the Associations
Of footballing nations
But those guardians of youth - Coca Cola

Yes Coke and McDonalds are upset
This does not reflect well on their image
They don’t care who is greedier
Till it gets in the media
Now they react with great moral outrage

Mr K is above any suspicion
A Nobel-winning peace-loving giant
So don’t even think
There can be any link
Because Coke is listed as being his client

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