Monday, 6 June 2011

The Wobbly Tooth

Happy Birthday Jack

My grandson is five years old
He has a wobbly tooth
He is the best boy in the world
That is the simple truth

He takes me walking in the rain
He likes the stuff I bring him
He reads to me the books I wrote
He says he likes my singing

I got him a Magic set
And a book on animal pooh
His mum just shakes her head and says
Oh boys what can I do?

Each Monday I meet him from school
We have fun and eat ice cream
But I see that he is growing up
He has his own ideas and dreams

We no longer go on dragon hunts
We are too mature for that
Mammoths rest safe in tree top nests
I suppose I should be glad

Now dinosaurs and transformers
Are what he wants to see
And one thought torments this old mind
What if he outgrows me?


  1. Don't worry! He will NOT outgrow you!

  2. Belated Happy Birthday Jack!