Tuesday 22 February 2011

Road Rage


AnElephantCant pretend he’s surprised
At the state of the roads in Argyll
It’s perfectly clear
When the winter’s severe
You can find hundreds of potholes per mile

A & B has the worst roads in Scotland
18% require urgent repair
No time to reflect
When your car is wrecked
That our council has failed to take care

The cost of repairs across Scotland
Is 2 billion pounds and a quarter
We pay council tax
But face up to facts
The life of your car just gets shorter

Should we fill in the potholes with porridge
Or fling in a haggis or three
You don’t need horoscopy
To know your poor jalopy
Could soon be a pile of debris

So it is time for us all to take action
We could fill in the holes one by one
Before things get worse
(If you’re not averse)
With a giant pile of elephant dung

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