Monday 14 March 2011



AnElephantCant write verse like Oor Rabbie
In comparison he’s just a big fake
They have one thing in common
They prefer embalming
To suffering the dreaded toothache

Now Rabbie was never a doctor
He couldn’t cure colds coughs or sneezes
But pain in the night
Tells you he was right
Cursing thou hell o' a' diseases

Some folk like to soak it in whisky
But maybe that is just an excuse
AnElephant can
Enjoy the odd dram
But il prefere a wee glass of Pastis

Modern dentists are really quite painless
They are nearly as nice as your gran
The needle’s ok
A drill’s child’s play
Just don’t go and see Marathon Man

With our thanks to Mr Robert Burns, poet and inspiration.

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