Tuesday 3 April 2012

Lochwinnoch Rocks

AnElephantCant always be poetic
He has not had much time to prepare this
But he feels it’s his duty
To display Scotland’s beauty
So sit back and relax while he shares this

The chairman* suggested a trip to Lochwinnoch
On a train from Glasgow Central Station
We may be prosaic
But we like this mosaic
A remarkably colourful tessellation

Lochwinnoch is a small country village
Twenty miles or so south-west of Glasgow
It sits on a loch
Which is not named Winnoch
The reason can be found in the past though

Castle Semple Loch is a Bird Sanctuary
Where the chairman is a Wildlife Explorer
An RSPB site
It inspires delight
And a great source of natural lore there

There are hides where you watch the birds feeding
If you’re not quick you click the perch they were on
Finch robin and tit
But just walk on a bit
And see a tall elegant patient Grey Heron

The types of birds there might number a million
Varied shapes different sizes and hues
When it all gets too much
Spotting mallards and such
AnElephant chills out and enjoys the great views

There are dipping ponds with nets provided
An illustrated chart to match what you catch
Water boatmen pond skaters
But no alligators
So AnElephant’s leg stays quite safely attached

There are fun things for elephants and their calves here
Play areas and cool woodland walks
Wildlife photographing
Treasure hunts lots of laughing
This Elephant Can tell you that Lochwinnoch rocks!

*The Elephant’s grandson, and the inspiration behind the books and so much more

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  1. Beautiful Photos
    Thank you for sharing!

    Take Care....