Wednesday 8 February 2012

Artist on Vacation

Half AnElephantCant pretend that he’s useful
When the talented one goes on vacation
He sits here forlorn
Amidst winter’s storm
While the doodler doodles in some exotic location

Yep Phil is off taking the sunshine
In some paradise isle in the Med
It has to be nicer
Than the snow and the ice here
This Elephant’s tootsies are cold even in bed

An artist can make an impression
His pictures can depict a story
With minimal appliance
He can abstract compliance
And be decorated in surreal glory

The scribbler sits sharpening his pencil
It is the best it is the worst of times
He knows he’s no Dickens
But still the plot thickens
The rhymer has to keep finding new rhymes

Or he can continue to recycle old ones
He can re-use many happy returns
He sheds a wee tear here
The irony is clear here
It is the doodler whose surname is Burns

1 comment:

  1. Liked the poem, very good. Karly and Helen