Friday 13 January 2012


The park can be a wondrous place
Full of strange exotic secrets
A twilight land of shadowy shapes
And dark mysterious creatures

T Rex and mammoth flourish here
Imagination has a feast
A creative mind (with grandpa’s help)
Conjures up amazing beasts

Jack runs tireless through the mud
His spirits never flagging
He’s on the hunt - has he found the tracks
Of the Sabre-dino-dragon?

They nest high in the leafless trees
They sometimes lurk around the pond
They move noiselessly up steep wet slopes
To the flag-pole and beyond

Bushes protected by twig and thorn
For unwary clothes to snag on
The perfect hidey hole for boys
And Sabre-dino-dragons

Jack’s mum says we are crazy folk
And it’s hard to disbelieve her
But we have studied their environs
And seen the signs they leave there

Is it all in my aging brain?
Is my sanity a-sagging?
Or has my bonnie brilliant boy
Discovered Sabre-dino-dragons?

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