Tuesday 11 October 2011

Faster than a speeding bull frog

AnElephantCant quite grasp this concept
Which is causing all scientists big fright
Stunned looks all around
Have they really found
A wee sub-atomic doodah that goes faster than light?

They’ve got this Large Hadron Collider
(We thought that he’d built a big wall)
It’s a serious article
To find the God particle
To us it makes absolutely no sense at all

But why does it cause consternation?
It suggests Albert Einstein was wrong
We have always heard
E=mc squared
Can it be that he spoke with forked tongue?

It’s the basis of all modern physics
That nothing can go faster than light
If this is not true
What can stop us and you
From restarting our holiday fortnight?

Yes if these ghostly neutrino particles
Are doing what CERN says then this means
With a minimum of fuss
Ditch the car and the bus
We can all have our own time machines

On our first trip we’d head back to Aintree
With all our spare cash and then some
We don’t like to gamble
But with no more preamble
We would stick the whole lot on Red Rum

There’s still one thing that causes confusion
This Elephant spots a significant flaw
If travel to the past
Will soon happen at last
Why has nobody come back to let us know?

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