Wednesday 7 December 2011

Ice cream

My grandson brightens up my life
A source of fun and joy
We go dragon-hunting in the park
He is a wild creative boy

We track mammoth footsteps through the mud
He spies their nests high in the trees
He tells me - quick behind this bush
With no thought for creaky knees

But of all the things he teaches me
One thing I did not dream
After all these years I’m tasting
Different flavours of ice cream

I always ate vanilla
That was pretty much a rule
Sometimes I stuck a flake in
I thought that was really cool

But now my little droogie
Makes me think again because
He has chocolate ice cream with a flake
All drenched in raspberry sauce

He eats pooh bear crunch with sprinkles
Chocolate or multi-coloured
He heaps them onto toffee meringue
I feel like quite the dullard

So I’m eating creamy caramel
I’m becoming quite the raver
I try most things he offers me
But I can’t take peanut flavour

A carton a bowl a wafer a cone
No probs I always dug it
An oyster or a snowball
Or my favourite double nougat

But my ice cream was always white
Never green or brown or yellow
Not blue or pink
I used to think
I ain’t that kind of fellow

But now I’m more adventurous
He has taught me quite a lot
Flavours new
And bizarre hues
He just laughs and says so what!

The Queen’s CafĂ© in Vicky Road
Is our emporium of choice
They treat us well
The ice cream is swell
We are happy smiling boys

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  1. Heartwarming....

    Good luck with the move.