Thursday 17 September 2009

There seems to be no stopping Helensburgh’s Brian Cairnduff and Phil Burns. Their children’s book business - An Elephant Can’t - spawned waje (wall jewellery) which has just, as we reported, had a significant sales success at the recent Homes & Interiors Exhibition at Glasgow’s SECC.

Now they’ve done it again. They’re going on the road with wajefication, the next step on their road to world domination.


The pair have produced Junior waje, giving young people the chance to shuffle their own wall jewellery, creating different patterns with prints that are like heavy duty posters, on a specially developed textile base and with an innovative, movable adhesive that apparently leaves no trace on wall surfaces of any kind.

The 3 roadshows, all in Glasgow and running across the end of September and early October, will feature both waje and Junior waje. Catch them at:

25th - 26th September at the Merchant City Festival at Wasps Studios in King Street
26th September at the West End Art Festival at Hillhead Library in Byres Road
3rd -4th October at Wasps Open Studios at Wasps Studios in King Street

So much about the inventiveness of Cairnduff and Burns is sit-up-and-take-notice stuff.

Children will love these already known and loved images to play with on their walls - in colours they might have chosen.

Then, while they play and while they live with the patterns they make and revise, they are developing their visual and aesthetic skills.

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  1. It's just a normal day in the AnElephantCant workplace. Phil, of course, has the brush - I guess he is about to be creative, or at least tidy up.
    I am obviously reading something important and meaningful (that's just the kind of guy I am) which I will then translate for Phil's benefit into our all purpose Esperanto style Pan-European language, which we call Eurinal. (Sorry!)
    And despite appearances to the contrary, I am not an air-head. My head is as solid and thick as the next man's, I can assure you.
    The scene is in reality the WASPS studios, and we are preparing for last month's open day.
    I hope that your delicate female sensibilities are not too offended, but as a small struggling enterprise we can only afford one pair of trousers between us.
    For next year I think we have to get Phil a strategically placed palette.
    Hope you like it, feel free to have fun with it.